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Alannah Weir

General Details

15 years of singing training and 5 years Live PErforming

Have you dreamed of being a singer but you don’t know where to start?

Stop singing into your hairbrush, and get the confidence to sing live, your way,
with Vocal Performance SOS .

With a Teacher that is experienced in performing who is young, positive, passionate and wants you to sing the style you choose, not in the style that someone else thinks is “ The style for you”

If you want to sing: Pop, Jazz, Rock, Blues, Folk, Soul, Reggae, Hip Hop, Punk or a combination of all we will give you the basics and then YOU sing what YOU want to sing! At Vocal Performance SOS We can teach you nifty little tricks to improve: -Vocal control -Connect to lyrics & communicate lyrics to an audience -Stage presence -Calm stage fright -Microphone techniques -Pitch -Range My goal in teaching is to give you the tools to help you create what you want to create, but with the knowledge and confidence of having vocal control. I am have a Performance background in rock and jazz and only use vocal techniques and theory that works for the moments before during and after performing on stage. Best of all I am young and actually LOVE teaching. My favourite thing in the world is seeing my students faces light up when they finally reach one of their vocal goals!

I am less focussed on theory and more focused on performance.
Iwant you to sing effortlessly on stage and perform fabulously with your own inner confidence.

Knowing the basics is really important not only for confidence but also so you don’t ruin your vocal chords later down the track.

I will be running the classes on weeknights and saturdays and would love to get in contact with you. Please email us with any questions you have or to make a booking. I can’t wait to hear from you!

Sessions are:

1 Hour $30
Area: Mitcham Road Vermont

Mobile number: 0428672629


Have a nice day!

Kind Regards

Vocal Performance SOS

These details were last updated on August 4, 2013