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amigoals youth music

General Details

amigoals is a community-based center wherein amigoals band programs, as well as the educational and artistic activities, are administered.

Youngsters take progressive steps in their performing arts education, growing socially and musically in our various levels of bands.

The curriculum in our band levels includes music literacy, movement, band playing, and performance skills. Children and youth have fun as they continue to develop these skills through warm ups and technical exercises, fun songs and band performances as well as learning repertoire and routines for performances.

Our learning approach encourage all children in their classes – whether this is the child first taste of the performing arts, or has previous experience. Increasingly, orchestra playing as part of a community is being recognised as beneficial to individuals’ mental and physical health and wellbeing. In our experience, children thrive as they learn, play and perform with friends. While opportunities exist for selected musicians to extend their skills as soloists, the primary focus of the band program is on playing in community.

As proven and shown in amazing depth and scale by El Sistema (Venezeula), the model and program have played a role in ‘growing up’ thousands of young children, especially the underpriviledged ones. Parents value the hidden elements of our program – a focus on developing confidence, self esteem, discipline, team work and caring for each other. We find that our focus on mentoring and role modelling is an aspect of our program that sets us apart from similar organisations.

Youngsters who successfully complete at least one year of the program are eligible to audition for Youth Performing Band. These youth band members are generally aged between 12 and 18 years, and are accomplished young performers, dazzling audiences with their performances at high profile events. Many of them started their journey with the children band.

Youngsters are encouraged to attend a free trial class before joining, which will provide a taste of the range of activities we offer. It’s not necessary for the child to prepare anything for this class and your child will not be required to play or perform by her or himself. The child will be ‘buddied’ up with one of our current band member and will participate in the band activities with the other children, allowing the child to get a feel for what weekly classes are like.

These details were last updated on March 6, 2012