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Andrew Hobler

General Details

B Pop Music (Q Conservatorium), Vocational Honours Graduate GIT (Hollywood, California)

I have over 35 years of guitar teaching experience and can take you from beginner to accomplished guitarist if you are willing to work regularly on your playing. I currnetly work as Tutor of Guitar at All Saints Anglican School on the Gold Coast where I have been teaching guitar for 25 years.

I have had many students over the years who have owned a guitar for 30 + years and played the same songs over and over and not progressed. On booking in for lessons I find that they have been sporadic with their playing, sometimes not touching the instrument for 6 months and when they do it’s to play the same songs.
Usually, it is a lack of basic skills that stops them from progressing.
I always ask students why they want to learn and the answer allows me to formulate what is need to facilitate the student reaching their goal.

I can take you through exams (ANZCA Modern Guitar is my preference), prepare you for high school music extension performances, prepare you for tertiary auditions, help you with songwriting, help you if you are stuck in a rut, draw out your inherent musicality, teach you improvisation, playing in a band, solo guitar, jazz, blues, classical, rock, country, funk, ‘campfire’ guitar, playing in your church band, accompanying vocals, music reading, chord chart reading, building your chord vocabulary, fingerstyle, acoustic or electric and mandolin. I also own a banjo (please don’t spread that around!)

Check out my website for more info about my teaching philosophy and expectations.

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