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Angela Shen

General Details

VCE Music Performance (Piano)

I’ve been learning piano for a good 15 years, currently AMUS level. I have briefly tutored family/friends before, and I like to focus on building good techniques but also understanding/expressing emotion through music. I love music, I love piano, and I’d just love to be responsible for someone else falling for this instrument too.
I was taught by Dr Dianne Bresciani, tutored at times by Mrs Jane Elton Brown and Mr Sonny Chua. I’m experienced in working with children and teenagers, as I also do academy tutoring. I believe I have the passion for piano to be able to inspire the same passion into others.
Music is fun, and piano playingis just a good skill to have. If you’d like to try it out, if you’re looking for someone to help you with piano practice, (or if you’re ever looking for an accompanist), be sure to contact me!

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