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Anna Massetti

General Details

Diploma of Professional Musician (Piano), Bachelor's degree in Music Education, Eurhythmics specialist

I am a concert pianist, music composer, eurhythmics instructor and passionate music tutor. I have 10 years of experience teaching piano, ear training and music theory.

I teach and give music workshops in various music studios and schools including the University of Melbourne (MCM).

I come from the land of Chopin. In Poland music is a pride and I myself have been taught since I was 5 years old. Nonetheless, thanks to my secondary and tertiary musical studies my teaching vision widened incorporating elements from eurhythmics and film music.


Playing concerts and teaching in various countries gave me the opportunity to discover different methods of teaching, not mentioning the diversity of music itself. It enriched my teaching and life experience and carried me further into exploration of the infinite world of music, which I think is essential for every human being. I can give lessons in English, Polish, Spanish and Italian.

All my experiences I try to pass on to my students, always encouraging them to create their own music.

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