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Anna Murakawa

General Details

Bachelors in Music, Certificate in Advanced music studies in violin, Master of Music, PhD violin Student

Anna Murakawa has spent her lifetime dedicated to the sounds of the violin. Since discovering her passion at the age of 13 in her hometown of Sao Paulo, Brazil, she has continued on her musical journey by moving around the world in order to gain even more experience through her studies and performances. Anna spent several years in Bulgaria studying & developing her skill set, before making a move to the U.S.A., playing in Pittsburgh, Kentucky, Texas, and her current home in Australia.

This excellent chapter in Anna’s life not only had her playing and performing; she was able to pass on her love of the violin and inspire a new generation of musicians as an assistant instructor at the University of Louisville. The educational route has always been the foundation to refining her own skills; starting early with scholarships from her time in Brazil eventually led her to participating in countless Master Classes all over the world, where she learnt from the very best, all the way to the time she spent earning her Master Degree in Violin Performance. Anna continues on boldly this year by pursuing her Doctoral Degree in music through her love of the violin.

Her dedication towards furthering one’s self through education is astounding, and her contributions to music overall are entirely measurable. Anna can speak five different languages fluently, and the life experiences gathered from all of her world travels have made her an adaptable teacher and an extremely effective communicator, both in person and through her music. Though Anna is still often found playing beautiful solo performances, she has also continued to add to her incredible skill set by playing with the University of Louisville Chamber Ensemble and leading the way in the University of Louisville Symphony Orchestra as their Concert Mistress.

Anna dreams to sow all the benefits of learning an instrument with society by contributing to the whole community, sharing music and her love for the instrument. Through her education & encouragement Anna is an inspiration for all generations – a true leader by example.

These details were last updated on June 30, 2016