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Anneliese Meywes

General Details

VocalizeU Instructor, Vocologist,

I am the youngest Austalian certified Instructor in the VocalizeU® technique. Pioneered by leading vocal coach Dave Stroud, the VocalizeU® technique is the most sought after singing technique & voice training programme in the world today. (

I work on identifying a vocalists problem(s), then recondition the voice (through scales & exercises) to be connected from the bottom to the top of their vocal range, allowing them to sing with vocal ease and freedom any song, in any genre with the correct vocal technique and style.

My goal is to educate, prepare and inspire wide-ranging clientele on all levels and in all genre’s of music including; pop, country, rock, musical theatre, Jazz, opera etc. Whether you are just beginning or you are an accomplished vocalist, my goal is to take you further down the road of vocal development than you ever thought possible and connect you to the leading people in the music industry today.

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