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Ash Gowan

General Details

Bachelor of Music (Jazz and Contemporary Performance), Master of Teaching (University of Melbourne)

Teaching music is the same as teaching a language, they both serve the same purpose and they are both forms of expression. I aim to teach students to have full control of their musical voices, and to listen to what it is they want to be able to say (or play). I follow a clinical method, encompassing technical exercises that build dexterity and proficiency in producing a controlled and desired tone, ear based learning that will allow students to improvise and play by ear, the ability to read and write music, and also the learning of appropriate repertoire that will interest the student. Student led creating, composing and improvising is a key feature that leads to cognitive skills including deductive, inductive and intuitive musical thought.

It is essential to me that students enjoy their music lessons and I aim to personalise each class and inspire students to not only practice but seek knowledge themselves and take responsibility for their musical journey. As much as possible I try to encourage exploration and to embrace mistakes, in that the more you make mistakes in order to correct them, the more you will learn.

Music is a language like any other; it consists of its own way of being notated, spoken, key terms and phrases. It must be taught sequentially and be built upon every week, not bundled up into one or two lessons a year. It is expected that students will use the correct terminology once introduced throughout the lessons and that new terminology will be introduced through more challenging repertoire. Students will learn to read traditional notation in the same manner, beginning with limited notes and rhythms and gradually build up their ability to read music. A strong emphasis on aural based learning is also favoured as this is key in becoming literate in any language. Students will be encouraged to learn songs by ear, sing musical phrases before learning how to play and partake in aural development exercises. These methods aim to feature in each lesson, progressively building the student’s musical vocabulary.

$25 p/30mins or $45 p/60mins at my place.
Willing to travel for small extra fee.

Available in the northern suburbs (based in Preston), phone to see availability.

Please don’t hesitate to get in contact with me if you wish to have some lessons!

Ash Gowan
m: 0403 860 370

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