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Ayama Music

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Bachelor of Music (Voice), L1 Certificate in Kodaly Music Education, Certificate in Children's Services

Ayama Music is a space to uncover and explore your authentic voice, and gain the confidence to use it. We are a singing school for music students, singing enthusiasts, public speakers, business leaders or those just looking to try out something new.
Ayama Music offers a range of courses tailored to the needs of our students including: professional vocal lessons, music lessons for school-age children, voice training for actors, self-development and breathing lessons.

Founder of Ayama Music, Ayesha Mehta is a professional vocalist who has performed jazz, contemporary, and experimental sound works in Australia and internationally.
Since graduating with Bachelor Degree in Music and vocal performance from the Sydney Conservatorium of Music, Ayesha has been in demand for her unique vocal ability as both a performer and creative collaborator.

“I took up singing lessons after crossing into the Mid Life time zone ... Ayesha’s refreshing and unique style of teaching helped mid wife the birth of my voice that had been distanced from over the decades. Ayesha’s special knack of connection made it OK to sing out one’s own voice in an environment that was both safe and nurturing while enabling me to take the necessary risks to liberate my voice.” – Jacinta Harris, Massage Therapist

“As my teacher, Ayesha considers my interests and needs and allows me to be me :0)” – Leah Pearson

“My singing lessons with Ayama Music are always a delightful journey into the potential of my own voice. Ayesha’s openness, passion and her respect for individual quirkiness are infectious and inspiring. Even hitting a dud note (of which my amateur voice still abounds) becomes part of the whole exciting exploration, rather than a disaster to fear.” – Sebastian Adams, Industrial Designer : Organism Design

contact: Ayesha
0404 985 409

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