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Ben Goodger

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Ben is an enthusiastic guitarist from Tasmania who studied a Bachelor of Music performance at the prestigious Sydney Conservatorium of Music. He studied with Australia’s foremost guitar educators including Aleksandr Tsiboulski, Phillip Houghton and Greg Pikler and brings his students a deep understanding of classical guitar technique, the guitar repertoire and the place of classical music in the world today.

Ben has performed extensively as a soloist and ensemble member in traditional classical ensembles at corporate functions, weddings and restaurants and in experimental groups at a variety of performance spaces. He was a member of a new music ensemble in Sydney who performed at art galleries, a jazz festival, a car park in Kings Cross and a major performance in a old submarine repair shop on Cockatoo Island. Ben was also interested in solo jazz guitar and Brazilian music styles and performed weekly as a jazz soloist and in an instrumental Brazilian music trio in Sydney.

Now Ben is living in Alice Springs where he is teaching himself blues slide guitar, harmonica and singing.

Ben comes from a family of musicians and teachers and is passionate about teaching music. During his nine year teaching career, Ben’s students have had great success with AMEB exams, VCE assessments and auditions to performing arts schools and universities.

Hello! Here’s of my thoughts on learning music. I want to play blues slide guitar and harmonica, my teachers wanted me to play classical guitar, you probably want to play Taylor Swift. We all have to start somewhere and I wouldn’t be the guitarist I am today if I hadn’t spent my weekends figuring out my favourite Led Zeppelin and punk rock songs as a teenager. Life is too short to play music we don’t enjoy so if you study with me, you should know what you want to play. And you should definitely be prepared to try some singing too. It’s all fun and easy when you know how. You won’t be learning music from me. You’ll be learning from recordings. I will just be there to speed up the process by showing you the best way to physically do what ever it is you are trying to do on your guitar. And you’ll only need lessons until you can figure it out yourself.

Yes you’ll have to do some work, but it won’t feel like work. If we find the music that’s calling for you, you will ride a wave of enthusiasm and become a masterful musician if you allow yourself to ;)

Should you learn to read music? If you are playing classical guitar then getting some sheet music will make your task easier as classical music can be very complex. But sheet music is an abstract representation of music and you cannot learn sound from dots on a page. We would use sheet music to help you learn your favourite recordings.

If you are looking for a teacher for your child, know that I love teaching kids and would be honored to share the gift of music with yours.

Thank you for taking the time to read my words and I look forward to hearing from you :)



These details were last updated on October 19, 2016

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