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Benny Ng

General Details

Bachelor of Music (Performance) [AICM], Graduate Diploma in Music (Pedagogy) [SCM], Diploma of Audio Engineering and Sound Production [JMC]

Benny provides singing lessons that focus on helping you find your own voice by providing you the training to increase your understanding of how your voice works and how to control it.

He emphasizes the basics of singing to build a solid foundation. Your needs are always prioritized because each lesson is tailored to help you achieve your musical goals – whatever they may be.

During lessons, Benny uses a combination of piano and CD/DVD player for warm up, vocal exercises and song learning. He teaches a song learning method that enables you to master each element/aspect of the song, so that you can perform with confidence.

Musicianship/Music theory lessons are also provided to students who are interested.

Benny teaches in the Sydney CBD.

These details were last updated on June 17, 2012