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Bojan Neskovic

General Details

Music is fun, entertaining and a skill that can be carried throughout ones life. It is very important that the teacher is able to connect with the student and create a safe, comfortable and long-lasting relationship that will benefit the student.

I have been a teacher for many students, who are still with me because of the special connection i have made with the student. I encourage and motivate my students to enjoy the guitar AND also to love music. Respect for music,the instrument and oneself is needed.

I have been teaching music for the last 5 years and learning about music for the last 20 years. I have taught at university, privately and at private guitar schools over the last 5 years. My passion and creativity will suit all beginners and intermediates.

I am available Mon-Saturday (depending on my schedule).

Worksheets and notes will be supplied.

Please bring a pen, paper and a folder (to put the worksheets in :)

Thank you

Dr B’s
“Where music and fun are one”

Email :
Phone : 9879 4741

These details were last updated on August 28, 2008