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Brad Forest

General Details

Playing for 19 years and have played all styles of music from metal, classical, blues to jazz. Toured with The Eagles and now touring with the signed artist Melody Pool. Also in 5 bands around Australia. I teach ages from years 3 to 80 years old.
Basic chords
Elementary music theory
A repertoire of songs of their own choice
Technical Skills at each level
Fretboard visualization
How to rock out hard!
I am pitch perfect so i can play any piece of music you have to give me and i will play it on the spot. So you can come in with the piece of music you wish to learn and i will demonstrate to you how to play the song through each section at your pace.
Then we could study the piece of music, expanding ideas and branch off on the techniques and chords the song writer was utilising. I can teach you how be pitch perfect too so you can jam along to the radio on the fly.
My job is to light the creative fire under you so you can be the best player you can be as quickly as possible.
Im known for being humble and having the upmost patience on giving you my fully undivided attention. Thanks. Yours sincerely, Brad Forest

Pricing: $50 an hour or $30 per half hour
Im open for a phone call or message if you want more details.
I am willing to teach at your house if its not too far.
Facebook: www./brad.forest.5

These details were last updated on December 6, 2015