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Cameron Goold

General Details

Born in Sydney, raised in Brisbane and Bribie Island and had been based in Melbourne 20 + years. Now live again on Bribie Island.

Multi instrumentalist, played and/or toured as Drummer with Christine Anu (MD), Sean Kelly – SKB, MODELS 30th Anniversary Shows, dragonfly, Pop Asylum , Shane Howard, Goanna (reformed version), Murray Porter, Stray Blacks, Kutcha Edwards, Tonchi, Josie Jason, Melbourne Grand Prix Ball Band – Thelma Houston – Colin Hay – Ross Wilson – Glenn Shorrock, Citizen Kane, MCG, Brickhouse, Rosie Westbrook.

Recorded with, Lady Fingers Electric, STUDIO KILLERS, The Green Rooms, Propaganda Klann, Penny Ikinger, Rosie Westbrook, dragonfly, Sean Kelly, Movie Soundtracks – Boytown – Moneyshot – Bondi Tsunami – My Country. Jason Cadd, The Panel Theme, Leon Spirling, BTN, Funkysquad, Palimpsest, Melbourne Storm Theme Song, Kutcha Edwards, Firestone, Tonchi, Pop Asylum, Stray Blacks, InTentCity, Chocolate Starfish (Percussion), RASKALS, Natalie Gillespe, HBLOCK-101, ‘In Our Own Right’ – DVD, King Kadu, The Drugs, Puretone, Goanna (Sorry), La bu ffoon, Stereo Volvo, Joe Geia, Shane Howard, MODELS 30th Anniversary lineup, Midnight Oil, Sunday Trains, Nokturnl, The Brutals, Steve Lucas, Dorian West, RIG, Centenary of Federation Parade, + heaps more….

TV with Christine Anu, Goanna, Rick Price, MCG, Kutcha Edwards, Boogie Fever, Peter Andre, Kylie, dragonfly.

There’s a large array of recorded product that I’m on but not credited as well.

Heaps of drummers have used my equipment to record with over the last 15 years.

Live tech setup for Motor Ace, The Drugs.

Live Beats Creation and Preparation – Christine Anu Band.

Directed, Edited, Shot and Produced the, CATSIN – ‘In Our Own Right’ – DVD.

I am the musical acts, LFE ‘aka’ Lady Fingers Electric, PROPAGANDA KLANN and La bu ffoon, the drummer in Dragonfly.

Software – Cubase, Digital Performer, Pro -Tools, Ableton Live, Maschine, Reason, Traktor Pro + FCP, anything Ensoniq.

Remixes or treatment mixes available.

These details were last updated on November 5, 2012