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Carla Troiano

General Details

Bachelor ot Arts (Music)

It is commonly known that all good things come in small packages, and that most definitely includes the fiery pocket-rocket from Melbourne, Carla Troiano.

Carla has been described as a cross between Etta James, Tina Turner and Anastasia. Her voice is powerful and dynamic.

Witnessing her on stage is an experience in itself. This sensual songstress truly awakens your senses, with a performance that takes hold of your soul and won’t let go.

She truly is the Ultimate Performer, she has total grace, and she owns that stage, like a Queen before her realm. It’s her domain: physical dominance, energetic presence and a voice that will blow you away. Carla makes you feel every heartbeat of hers, like it’s one of yours.

She has received the following praise from her recent performances:

“Troiano is an absolute powerhouse, with vocal ability of Steller proportions and an effortless command of showmanship that is engaging and evocative”- Melbourne Arts Fashion.

“Not only does Troiano stand loud and proud, but she embodies the essence of soul music and represents a confidence and vulnerability that other female artists can certainly learn from”- Kara Bertoncini

Her passion for music inspired deeper education so she has a Bachelor of Arts (Music Theatre) from the Ballarat Arts Academy and is also a Vocal Coach and Singing Teacher.

This woman of soul now fronts one of Melbourne’s leading funk/soul bands Mayfield, she embodies the essence of soul music and oozes confidence and effervescence in the spotlight. Her talents as a songwriter have led her to collaborate with many artists across a number of genres and has even inspired her to pursue her own solo projects working alongside esteemed producers.

What makes Carla so special is the way she captures the majesty of a live performance, and can translate that with total transcendence to a music recording.

A strong and commanding woman with the perfect combination of playful inner child and wise beautiful soul, Carla is passion personified with music, and wants to share her voice with the world.

These details were last updated on February 5, 2015