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Charody Productions Academy

General Details

With branches in both Berlin and Sydney, our Circus Opera academy epitomises a primary aim at Charody Productions: combining the art of opera and/or music theatre singing with disciplines of circus and physical theatre, adding to the increasingly wide skill set necessary for performers in the 21st Century.

With the continual expansion and development of new theatrical genres, musical styles and performance techniques, the next generation of artists must be given the best training possible in order to become future leaders and innovators in the entertainment industry.

Our core focus in the Circus Opera academy is to bring out the best in each student technically as a singer, and in due course, students are given the opportunity to learn new performance techniques, fusing their performance practice with the mediums of circus and physical theatre.

This academy is a principal educational platform to develop singers who will then have the opportunity to work as performers within our company in the future.

Students will be able to participate in half-year and end-of-year showcases, displaying skills learnt in training at the Charody Productions Academy. Leading producers, promoters, agents and professionals within the entertainment industry throughout Europe, and Australia-wide will be invited to attend these showcases.

Our academy is divided into two streams. Circus Opera 2 for advanced vocalists with minimal to no circus training, and Circus Opera 1 for advanced circus artists with minimal to no vocal training. Students are expected to attend one class per week, with each class running for 1. 5 hours. The classes are constructed as follows:

1. Intensive vocal and choral training both individually and in groups.
2. Training on aerial lyra, aerial harness and aerial tissue.
3. Choreography of operatic / music theatre scenes fusing the disciplines learnt by students in the area of circus and physical theatre.

These details were last updated on August 17, 2012