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Chart Roller Tuition

Music Production (Pro Tools, Ableton Live, Max For Live, Logic Pro) Tuition

Styles: Pop, Rock, Techno, Electro, Tech House, House, Hip Hop, Acoustic Vocal etc

Skill Level: Beginner, Intermediate, Advanced

Suitability: Ages 16 years and up

Pricing: $55 Per Hour, $35 half hour, Cheaper with multiple hours and group lessons also available.

Music Production (Pro Tools, Ableton Live, Max For Live, Logic Pro) Tuition.

From Dance music production to full Band production Levi can help to teach you how to draw on your creativity and get the “sound in your head” to come through the speakers. He can help beginner right through to advanced students learn the software (and hardware) needed to make and produce music in todays digital world. Including DAW sequencers, Soft Synths, Samplers and Drum machines, Hardware Synths, Samplers and Drum machines, Effects, EQ, Reverb and Compression plugins, he can evan teach you to build your own plugins in Max for Live. Levi will teach you to develop your own “sound” that will make you stick out from the crowd and contribute something fresh to the musical landscape. This is done through mastering the current tools needed to create, effect and manipulate music into something modern and exciting such as Native Instruments products (Maschine, Massive, FM8, Reaktor, Max For Live (Ableton Live), UAD plug Ins and advanced Reverb, Compression and EQ techniques. Whatever your genre Levi can help you learn to produce your music to current professional quality.

Pricing. $55 per hour/$35 per half hour. Group lessons available at discount rates.

Lessons carried out in his Project Studio in Doncaster, Vic.

Please contact for more information:

Richmond, VIC

Richmond Music Academy
369 Burnley Street.
Also travelling in the local area
Tel 0417 440 126
Email Me

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These details were last updated on January 7, 2014

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