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Christine Tammer

General Details

Improvisation is the art of creating spontaneous sound. It can involve just your voice or an instrument you’ve always wanted to try out, or one you already play. Learn to express yourself by exploring the joy of music with others who want to share in the experiential learning taking place.

The results may be harmonious and melodic, or playful and dissonant. This element of stylistic surprise makes the whole experience a tremendous way of creating new meaning using sounds that become music.

No prior knowledge or experience is required. Just come along and experiment. Christine will offer guidance and tools that will enable you to build your confidence in a gentle and supportive environment, in which you will have the chance to actually invent music along with others who wish to do the same. The music will emerge through listening and doing.

There is no need for learning any particular notes, words or lines. Christine will teach you techniques that make improvisation with sound an unconscious, effortless and ultimately enjoyable musical experience.

Christine’s tried and tested warm up activities will help you begin making sounds that connect with those being made by others around you. The combined energy that emerges can be inspirational and empowering; even relaxing and therapeutic.

Join in the fun at ‘Vocalise’ in the hall behind the Ebenezer Church on Armstrong Street South, Thursdays, 7.30pm – 9pm.

These details were last updated on July 16, 2015