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Christopher Harley

General Details

Bachelor of Music (Honours – Class I), Sydney Conservatorium of Music

Christopher holds a Bachelor of Music (Honours – Class I) from the Sydney Conservatorium of Music and has been playing piano and composing for over 15 years. Working professionally as a performer in a diverse range of genres (including classical, jazz, folk, rock, pop and musical theatre) has allowed him to aptly teach students a broad range of styles, catering specifically to their personal endeavours and goals.

Christopher also works professionally as an award-winning composer / songwriting in classical concert music, theatre music, film music and contemporary songwriting. His music has been performed in numerous festivals and concerts (both locally and internationally) as well as many commercially available recordings.

With over ten years teaching experience, Christopher holds great passion and excitement to teach students of any age in an enjoyable and focussed environment, where students progressively learn the wondrous gift of creating music.

Contact Christopher on 0402 517 517

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