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Claire Wallis

General Details

A bit about me. I’m a mother of two little boys, most definitely the inspiration behind 1.2.3 Sing With Me’s unique program.
On the numbers side, I have a BSc. Hons. degree in Pure & Applied Maths and did some primary & high school tutoring in my early years. After graduating I went into the corporate world, working firstly as a geophysicist, then an analyst-programmer and then a business analyst. So I’ve used maths and numbers throughout my career.
On the music side: I played the violin and the double-keyboard electronic organ throughout primary & high school. I also sang in the school choir and remember vividly doing my first solo of “Yellow Bird Up High in Banana Tree” at the tender age of 8. And since the arrival of my two little ones, my repertoire has increased to include the maracas, jingle bells, the bongo drum, the triangle, the clacking sticks and the tambourine……I hope you can join me for a jamming-session at a 1·2·3 Sing With Me class soon!

These details were last updated on March 21, 2013