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Classical Voice Coach - Classical Singing Lessons

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Victorian College of the Arts - Gratuate Diploma in Opera, Rimsky-Korsakov Conservatory (St Petersburg), Leningrad Institute of Theatre Music and Cinema (St Petersburg)

Experience the joy of a voice that flows freely! Classical singing opens up the voice, mind, body and soul. Individual lessons are available for singers and actors ranging from beginner to professional with Dmitri Pronin, an actor and tenor with 30 years professional experience

To hear more about my teaching philosophy go to My studio is available in a convenient St Kilda location with ample public transport options.

“When it comes to the human voice no other technique can bring out the pure voice of the soul like classical singing. Classical singing is the basic foundation for all other styles of singing. Once a classical foundation has been laid, any other styles that are approached are easy to sing because of the dexterity, flexibility and tone that has already been achieved. What is unique to classical singing is that it has a remarkable ability to change the quality of the actor’s speaking voice at the same time as the singing voice. Most people never experience the joy of the freedom an unobstructed voice can bring. I believe we can all sing. It’s just about getting out of the way of the voice. The rest is breath, effort and time. If you train your voice classically, you can sing in any style. My passion is working with the voice, it has been my great love since childhood.” DMITRI PRONINVOICE COACH

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