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Professional singer and singing teacher, Professional singer and singing teacher

Hi, I’m Rachael Kane and I run the Connected Voice on St Kilda Rd in Melbourne’s CBD. I’m a singer songwriter and have many years of experience in the recording industry and playing live. I’ve been teaching singing since 2002. The focus of my teaching is in helping students establish a connection to themselves so they can sing more freely and confidently express themselves in song.

My vocal method answers all the questions you may have about your singing voice, such as; how do I singing higher or lower? What is that funny break in my voice? Why is my singing voice so wobbly or weak? Why does my throat feel tight and uncomfortable when I sing? Why do I get nervous when I sing in front of other people? I also cover audition preparation and microphone technique should you need it.

You don’t need any prior singing experience to join my classes, everyone is welcome. I teach private sessions and group classes.

If you have any further questions please feel free to contact me. I look forward to hearing from you.

Warm regards, Rachael

Contact Rachael Kane – 0416 967 880

Joy of Singing Group

‘The Joy of Singing’ is about exactly that!- Getting together with other people to experience the sheer joy and freedom of expressing your voice. Throughout history people have engaged in singing as a way of connecting to themselves and to others. In communities around the world, singing has always been present as an enriching cultural activity that frees the mind and expresses the soul. Singing is something that brings people together and allows us to experience a feeling that is beyond the thinking mind.

‘The Joy of Singing’ offers people the opportunity to get in touch with their voices and express themselves in a fun and empowering group environment. You will be guided through a series of confidence building vocal exercises beginning with simple, intuitive sounds and graduating into singing soulful melodies and harmonies inspiring greater connectivity to yourself and to the group as a whole. There’s no pressure to practice in this group, the focus is on getting together, singing with others, and having fun!

Contact Rachael Kane – 0416 967 880

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