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Corinna Steinbrecher

General Details

Diplom Programme with a performance profile (Recorder) Final mark: 2.05 (equivalent British Bachelor (Honours) degree standard: 2.1) Major Subject Recorder: 1.3 (equivalent to 1st), Teaching Music at highschools Final mark: 2.18 (equivalent to 2.1)

I offer private lessons of either 30 or 45 Minutes. As I am a graduated Musician/secondary school Teacher from Germany it’s my priority to make learning fun and to leave you with a positive feeling because that’s what music is all about isn’t it!
Of course we want to make progress as well, but that will take no time with your dedication and my guidance.
I have 10 years of experience in home tutoring of recorder and piano and am still in touch with some of my students back from Germany because we got along so well.

These details were last updated on July 28, 2016