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Craig Naughton

General Details

Diploma in drumming and percussion( High Distinction)

Craig Naughton, Sydney based drummer/composer
Craig Naughton is easily one of the most highly regarded drummers/composers
band leaders and teachers in Australia, he is respected as a freelance instrumentalist as well having worked with and supported such names as the James Muller Trio, Steve Hunter, Dale Barlow and the Sydney Symphony orchestra as well as having taught hundreds of students and held master classes at universities and Billy Hydes drumcraft. As a recording artist Craig has contributed to many albums some of which have won prestigious awards such as the Arias and Mo awards. In addition to that, Craig has written over forty original compositions and has one record out( The Nautical Mile) on the market under his own name. His theoretical knowledge and musicianship has seen him offered film score work as well as appearances with the Sydney Symphony Orchestra and has also help produce several other records. Here an outline of some of Craigs achievements to date.

History and highlights:
-1990 winner of the North side Jazz awards
-1991 winner, Big Brother Movement music scholarship to the united kingdom
-1993 winner, Billy Hydes drummetrs playoff
-1995 winner, Billy Hydes drummers playoff/national division
-1998 drums on(best Jazz album of the year) aria awards

Formal education:
-1992 Theoretical extention studies/ Sydney conservatorium of music – 1992 High School certificate – 1993 Jazz diploma/ Sydney conservatorium of music – 1993-94 Diploma of drums and percussion/ Academy of drums and percussion
Performance experience – Billy Field – Steve McKenna quartet – Steve Hunter band – Vicious Hairy Mary – Sonic fiction
-Mark Issacs
-Sam Rivers( ex Miles davis)
-Mike Nock
-James Muller Trio – Tim Hopkins
-Rai Thistlethwaite( Thirsty Merc)
-Lily Dior
-Sean Wayland
-Dave Theak( Dean of the Syd Jazz department)

-Tal Wilkenfeld (USA) – Bill Risby
-Galapagos Duck
-Dale Barlow

- Matt McMahon

and many many more.

Craig is currently opening a new school of drumming(The North shore Academy of drums and percussion) and is also recording a new album( The Age of Aquarius) of original compositions due for release in 2013. Craig is also touring overseas in October to the queenstown jazz festival as guest artist and has a band ( The Craig Naughton Band) performing locally around Sydney.
These are some tracks of some of my recent playing with various bands around Sydney and Australia, a sort of account of what I’ve been working on and concepts I’ve been exploring in various different idioms. It will be regularly updated.
Band Interests
Music…. preferably good music.

These details were last updated on March 8, 2013