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Daniel Carison

General Details

Undertaking Bachelor of Music at the Melbourne Conservatorium of Music

Do you love to act? Do you love to sing? Do you love to do both?

Well there is no better time than right now to make a start on some lessons! Give yourself the performance edge and take your artistic talents to the next edge.

I am open to students of almost all ages and ability and strive to pass on my own knowledge in the area of music, drama and theatre. I aim to offer a comfortable, fun and relaxed learning environment in order to help the student get the most out of each lesson. A strong artistic background is not a prerequisite whatsoever. So whether your interests be learning fundamentals such as; how to read music, solfege, basic aural training etc. or diving into complex study such as; interpretation, classical technique or further musical theory studies, you’re well covered.

Also, if you’re simply looking to have some fun singing and acting and enjoying yourself then you are in the right place. Whether it pop, classical, musical theatre or contemporary music, you the possibilities are limitless. Those also interested in learning beginner Guitar and Piano are most welcome to take lessons and get set up with the basics they will need to play both instruments. After all, I believe above all that in whatever we are learning the most motivating and driving thing to work is to enjoy what you’re doing.

I demand no ludicrous expectations of my students, only that they enjoy themselves, work hard and feel encouraged to reach their own personal goals.

Lesson times and venues are negotiable. If possible it would be preferable to either teach from home or in the city at the Melbourne Conservatorium in Parkville. But this of course can be arranged upon booking.

If you have any questions please feel free to contact me either via email or feel free to give me a call! :)

Listed below is a resume and background detailing my experience :)

In 2011 Daniel achieved a 94.95 atar score.
Daniel is currently studying music at the Melbourne University Conservatorium of Music.

2009 Australian Defence Force ‘Long Tan Leadership and Teamwork Award’ Winner
2010 Nomination for Best Junior Male in a Leading Role (Tevye – Fiddler on The Roof)
2011 Participant of VCE Top Class (Top 2% of best Performers in the State)
2011 Short Story Writers Competition Winner (Marcellin College)
Year 12 final Atar score of 94.95 (2011 VCE)
2011 Danny Price Memorial Award for Outstanding Achievement in Performing Arts (Marcellin College)
2011 Dux of Drama with a study score of 46 (Marcellin College)
2011 Dux of Studio Arts with a study score of 43 (Marcellin College)
2011 Dux of Music with a study score of 39 (Marcellin College)
2011 Winner of the Victorian Theatre Guild’s Best Junior Male in a Leading Role (Henry Higgins – My Fair Lady)
2012 Participant of VCE Top Class (Top 2% of best Performers in the State)
2013 Herman Schildberger Award Winner

Performance and Experience
(2007) Under Milkwood – Role of Willy Nilly
(2008) West Side Story – Role of A-Rab and understudy for Tony
(2009) The Wiz – Role of Tinman
(2009) A Mid Summers Night Dream – Director and sound designer
(2010) Fiddler On The Roof – Role of Tevye
(2010) 12 Angry Men – Director and role of Juror 4
(2010) Sacred Music Concert – Master of Ceremonies as the role of Archbishop Manix at Hamer Hall
(2011) VCE Top Class – Performed Theatre Studies solo in the role of King Berenger at The Melbourne Recital Centre
(2011) My Fair Lady – The role of Henry Higgins and director
(2011) Victorian Music Theatre Guild – Role of Henry Higgins
(2011) Wrote, directed, produced, edited and performed in the VCE film work of ‘I Live With You’ and ‘All Tomorrow’s Parties’
(2012) Wrote and Performed the musical score for the community film ‘The Story of Jack’
(2012) VCE Top Class – Performed written Drama Solo in the role of Vincent Anton Freemen at The Melbourne Recital Centre
(2012) Wrote and Performed the musical score the student film ‘Forgetting Film Noir’
(2011-Present) Have run a small business providing musical services and entertainment for events, functions, birthdays, bars and other businesses.

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