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I am an enthusiastic and passionate piano and keyboard teacher (also teaching composition and the theory of music as well as being qualified to teach in music theatre and clarinet) with over 15 years of experience! I absolutely love my vocation and am very passionate about teaching. Some of my best experiences involve taking on new students and watching them grow into extremely capable musicians – and I have been very proud to see many graduate from school and college; starting their lives with music at the forefront of their career goals.

Of course, not everybody is just starting out – I’ve had the great pleasure of teaching many adult learners; some full time workers; and others retirees with a new hobby to enjoy.

Teaching is a surprising, rewarding, challenging, ever-changing and but always interesting vocation; and I invite you or your child to become a part of the journey.


“I came to Dan two years ago with no prior musical knowledge whatsoever, only with the desire to play the piano. Fast forward to 2016 and I have performed in my first piano concert at the end of 2015 and I am about to start learning the beautiful Nocturne Op. 9, No. 2 by Chopin. This is all thanks to the skilled teaching and guidance of Dan.

During my piano journey to date, I have had the desire to target a number of musical skills such as sight reading, playing piano by ear, playing pop songs and classical pieces, music theory and more. Dan has worked with me to set realistic and achievable goals to help advance my skills in each of these areas.

Dan is quite simply a brilliant, friendly and talented teacher who creates a relaxed and supportive learning experience. I look forward to my lesson each week and always leave with new musical knowledge. If you are looking for a fun and modern approach to piano teaching and are serious at wanting to learn the piano, I highly recommend Dan at Pathways Music.”

- Adam Kretch

“Dan has created such a supportive and encouraging environment at pathways. No matter what age or skill level, he teaches in a way that allows you to achieve goals and gain confidence as a pianist with out any pressure or stress. The atmosphere he creates encourages you to play at your best purely because he gives you the confidence and skills to know you can. In the 18 months that I have been taking lessons with Dan I have learnt more musically than in my previous 7 years of lessons and I have gained more confidence not only in my piano playing but in myself.”

- Bianca De Young

“Dan has been teaching my somewhat precocious daughter for just over 2 fabulous years now, she had never played the piano before and Dan has taught her amazingly, she has sat exams, played at concerts, and auditioned to get into a music school all under his guidance. He always manages to get the best out of her. I cannot recommend him highly enough to anyone looking for a fantastic music teacher, much more than just a piano teacher”.

- Debra Black

“My daughter Holly has been learning with Dan for only a year. She came to him self taught and very apprehensive about having a male teacher. Dan made her feel so comfortable from the moment she walked through the door. Not a lesson goes by where a laugh isn’t shared. He has been able to keep her excited about her music and we love listening to the improvement from week to week. We look forward to seeing what this new year working together will bring”.

- Tanya Frith

“Dan has, with enormous patience, encouraged me to put aside unhappy music tuition days of my childhood that resulted in my not touching the piano for over 60 years. Through Dan, I am amazed that at aged 74, music has now become a very important, pleasant, most enjoyable and relaxing experience and I look forward each week to the lesson and the challenges and achievements.. I will be forever grateful for the gentle encouraging manner in which Dan has helped me. Thank you Pathways Music – you’re incredible”

- Maureen Navader

These details were last updated on May 7, 2017