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Danny Lopez

General Details

Guitar lessons- Bass lessons- Singing lessons -Song writing.

Danny Lopez is a Dynamic and enthusiastic teacher who has dedicated many years of developing a teaching method that brings out the best in his students. From pre-school children, professional musicians, aspiring artistes, to hobby musicians. Danny has the ability to connect with individuals on all musical levels, guiding them with creative options to understand their full potential.

To Danny, music is a language, that once the individual has the belief and desire to truly listen, can channel in and achieve what ever they are musically passionate for. That way the student is always inspired and eager to learn, developing at there own rate, with confidence and their own personal sense of achievement.

One of the biggest challenges anyone can face when wanting to play an instrument, sing, perform live or write songs, is that they might not succeed or finish what they have started. I like people I work with to recognize their own passion and inspiration for what made them want to learn music in the first place and never let go of that feeling that drives us to follow our dreams. If you become enrolled with Learn What You Want, you will always be encouraged to build on your goals in the areas you’d like to achieve, no matter how large or small they may be.

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