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Dave Simmons Objective Guitar Tuition

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Grades 4 and 5 AMEB Music Theory. Extensive live experience, Grades 4 and 5 AMEB Music Theory. Extensive live experience, Grades 4 and 5 AMEB Music Theory. G.I.T Jazz Guitar Course by Co respondence., Grades 4 and 5 AMEB Music Theory. G.I.T Jazz Guitar Course by Co respondence.

Dave Simmons’ Objective Guitar Tuition in the styles Classical Guitar, Jazz Guitar, Latin Jazz Guitar and Blues Guitar aptly describes his method of tuition.
Through three decades of live performance experience he will only take on students who consider themselves to be at an intermediate level. Dave Simmons defines Guitarists at an intermediate level as at minimum 15 years of age and :
1. Committed to regular practice. 2. Having a basic, even limited understanding of Standard Music Theory, or even better, Jazz Harmony – but not essential – Jazz Harmony is included in his Jazz Guitar Tuition program.

DAVE SIMMONS’ OBJECTIVE GUITAR TUITION prioritises the enjoyment and fun aspect of performance and learning.

CLASSICAL GUITAR : Classical Guitar and Flamenco Guitar would surely be two most challenging styles of Guitar performance. ( Flamenco Guitar is not taught by David – only Classical Guitar. )
His Classical Guitar Tuition is solidly founded in a “ do it once – do it RIGHT “ philosophy. This takes everything into account including initial preparation ( highlighting score etc ) and left hand fingering and how that translates to right hand technique.
Far too often taken for granted and usually always ignored, the mental to emotional to physical process is at the core of fluent and more consistent musical performance in Classical Guitar. It is the single most important aspect in the performance in any musical instrument – in any music style.
This is demonstrated and very clearly, fully explained to all of David’s students right at the outset.

There are countless fully comprehensive books DVD courses and website lesson series out there on these three styles. Many of them very daunting with literally hundreds of nebulas exercises that can be played to no one.
DAVE SIMMONS’ EASY AZ JAZZ GUITAR takes the myth out of learning or further developing your Jazz and or Blues Guitar style. YOU DO NOT NEED a vast Jazz chord vocabulary and or knowledge of Jazz guitar soloing concepts Modal, pentatonic or otherwise. By focusing ON THE TUNE , Dave Simmons’ Easy Az Jazz Guitar method narrows the whole thing down to a small selection of great sounding Jazz chord substitutes that can be used for your entire Jazz repertoire. It’s EASY and it’s FUN. Use you practice time OBJECTIVELY.
Chromatic Harmony in Jazz incorporating Altered Harmony is essential in Jazz. Just with these few easy to play Jazz chord subs it’s all possible. It all makes the path very clear, should you want to extend your knowledge later.
Likewise, you will learn how to write and develop two forms of YOUR OWN Jazz guitar solo for every Jazz tune you learn, or apply it to your existing Jazz tunes you already know.
Learning transcribed Jazz Guitar “ licks “ is pointless because they’re not yours – they’re somebody else’s.
Improvisation , any instrument is all about originality.

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