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David King Guitar Tuition

Guitar Clinic

Styles: Most styles covered

Skill Level: Beginers - BGN, Intermediate - INT- Advanced - ADV

Suitability: Ages 8 years and up

Pricing: $35.00 ph BGN - $45.00 ph INT - $55.00 ph ADV

The services provided are now hourly tutoring for Beginners, Intermediate, and Advanced players ! Beginners learn the basic principles of learning how to play the guitar the string letter names and position, then they are shown the basic triad chords major and minor dominant and the scales that fit with them, how to build chords, and what notes make them and why and hopefully a song or two in the meantime ?
Intermediate learner/players
will learn Scales, Modes, song construction, chord progressions or melody, and even some riffs if they show the potential.
Advanced players will learn Modes, Techniques, Tapping, Sweeping, and more ? I will teach them how to learn, I look for potential in all pupils, I have a knack for finding the quietly gifted ones, as I was one myself. Dave King.

Woy Woy, NSW

Unit 2
8 Waratah Avenue
Tel (02) 4344 3763 or 0413 033 047
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