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David Leeding

General Details

My business, Audio Graffiti, offers a wide range of music services to support recording artists, arrangers, composers, performers, music teachers, CD and film producers, music students and hobbyists. I have assisted clients from all over the world. The following are just a few of the services I offer:

Guitar and Bass tuition: All styles of music covered in a relaxed, friendly environment.

Band mentoring: This service is geared towards young musicians, struggling to know how to get their band off the ground.

Music engraving: I offer a professional copyist service, producing high quality manuscripts ready for commercial or domestic printing. I am a registered member of MAGA. This service is particularly suited to arrangers and composers.

Transcription: I can transcribe audio recordings of almost any instrument or genre and put it into print. I have transcribed piano-vocal and guitar-vocal pop songs, guitar and sax solos for many genres, 6-piece a Capella jazz groups, full orchestra, full rock bands, eclectic ethnic instruments, classical guitar, piano concertos, and a lot more. I have attained a reputation for accuracy and for high quality layout. My service is particular popular with recording artists who don’t have the ability or time to put their own music into print, and with hobbyists seeking sheet music that is out-of-print or never previously released in print media.

MIDI Sequencing: I can create MIDI sequences for use in a CD or film project, or for use in live performances. When I sequence, I aim to impart some human feel into the work to avoid the end product sounding robotic.

MIDI Rendering (MIDI to Audio Conversion): Using state-of-the-art sample libraries, I can convert a MIDI sequence into exceptionally realistic audio. Whether you need rock drums, a symphonic orchestra, salsa brass, hardanger fiddle or shakuhachi for your CD or soundtrack, I can probably help you! My sample library includes a wide range of articulations and dynamics you won’t find on a synth or in low-end virtual instruments. Visit my website for some stunning examples.

Songbook Publishing: Drawing on transcription and engraving skills, I can help you put together a songbook that will complement your CD. All you need to do after that is find a printing service, and I can probably help you with that, too!

To find out more about these and other services, to read some testimonials, and to see and hear some samples of my work, please visit my website.

These details were last updated on May 21, 2013