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Declan McGinness

General Details

Bachelor of Arts (Music Industry) with Distinction

Learn how to ROCK!

My name is Declan, I’m 21 and have been playing bass for the past 9 years. I have been studying music for the last 3 years and in this time I have played in many regularly gigging and recording bands. As a result have played and nearly every venue in Melbourne and spend hours upon hours in recording sessions.

I will not only teach my students how to play the right notes, but I also aim to develop their own feel, style and creativity in their playing. My lessons will focus on and include:

- Exercises (to build strength, speed, stamina and fretboard knowledge) – Music Theory (to understand why we play the notes we play) – Creativity (learning how to create your own basslines, solos and songs) – Technique (using alternative techniques to play the same notes: finger, pick, tap, slap)

Although i will be framing my lessons in a 70s – 80s Hard Rock / Heavy Metal context, I do not want my student to become one trick ponies. Rather, I will explore other genres such as blues, jazz and classical and see how they influence rock. This will take us back to the 60s and into the 90s so you have a wider understanding of music.

All lessons will be in a stress-free, fun and positive environment. I am will to travel to other locations (such as your own house) but this will incur a slightly higher price.

Be the best you can be!

phone: 0448043433

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