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Double Kicks

General Details

6 years drummer 3 professinally, played at billboards, the espy, the corner hotel and many more

i’m a drummer from Melbourne’s eastern suburbs looking to share my knowledge with other people and teach drums

I have been drumming since 2003 and playing live since 2006. I first got into drumming when I went to a friend’s house. He had a kit that I would play for fun and after playing a few times I started to really enjoy it and got a kit of my own; a white Pearl kit. After teaching myself, I joined death metal band “A.D Massacre” by the end of 2005, and had bought a new Pearl ELX Export Series kit..

After playing with them for a year, doing radio interviews and releasing two demos, the band decided to let me go in August of 2007 due to personal issues.

In September 2007 I formed local metal band Hybrid Nightmares who defy genre and strive for originality. Although I am able to write technical and complicated drum parts I also understand that sometimes simplicity is effective

Hybrid Nightmares has pushed me to new heights in drumming, writing pieces I didn’t think I’d ever be able to play, and getting to play on some of the most renowned stages in Melbourne such as Billboards where Lamb Of God, Satyricon and many more big international acts have played. Other venues include The Espy, where Hellhammer (Dimmu Borgir) has played, and DV8; the most popular metal/goth/alternative club in Melbourne. The band has also toured to Sydney and is planning on dong a 2nd tour in July 2009 along the East coast.

Since starting Hybrid Nightmares I have been recognized around Melbourne City by strangers, fans and in drum stores.

I have a lot of drum solos on YouTube and had a solo on the Billy Hyde MySpace. I received a complement from someone that will stay with me forever; “You and Joey Jordison (Slipknot) are my main influences in drumming”, which was massive for me as Joey Jordison is my main influence.

These details were last updated on September 29, 2009