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Eddy Chen

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Licentiate in Music Diploma (LMUSA) - Australian Music Examinations Board (AMEB)., Associate in Music Diploma (AMUSA) - Australian Music Examinations Board (AMEB), Bachelor of Music - Griffith University Queensland Conservatorium of Music


My name is Eddy Chen and I am a professional violin teacher and performer. I am strongly committed and passionate about my role as a violin teacher as I greatly believe in the advantages of musical education and learning the violin.

Here are some reasons:
1. Learning a musical instrument involves abstract, relational thinking, and has been shown to significantly improve non-verbal IQ, numeracy and spatial cognition. While this is especially evident in young children, the benefits apply to adults as well.

2. Discipline, improved focus and attention, as well as learning the art of of long and short-term goal-setting are all benefits of learning the violin which can be transferred and applied to other areas of life.

3. Performing music is a great way to cultivate confidence. Through the medium of the performing arts we learn to unapologetically express who we are.

4. Violin is versatile in its rich cultural history as having been one of the most prominent instruments in the history of Western Civilisation from around the 16th Century. Thus, learning the violin enhances ones understanding and appreciation of historical cultures, both in a Classical and non-classical (blues, jazz, folk fiddle) sense.

5. The violin has been one of the most popular and dominant Classical instruments because of its humanistic qualities; in fact the melodious characteristic of the violin closest resembles the human voice compared to all other orchestral instruments.

6. Finally, learning the violin can provide an immensely pleasurable and profound medium of expression. It may sound far-fetched, but I know from personal experience, as well as working with students and colleagues that while learning the violin may be challenging, it can also be immensely satisfying, intimate and euphoric.

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