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Edwina Tolhurst

General Details

I teach violin and piano at the Gunnedah Conservatorium of Music and also offer musicianship lessons there as well.
I have grown up with music, playing piano and violin since the age of 4 through the Suzuki method.
I have taught at the Conservatorium for over two years but I am now looking to set up my own studio in Newcastle where I have moved to be closer to my family.
Having grown up in the Suzuki method I know the benefits it can have for a budding musician and so this is the method I choose to teach. However, I also delve into other genres to allow the student to have a broader understanding of music and a wider array of skills.
I believe in nurturing music in children and making it an enjoyable experience for them, extending their abilities at their own pace rather than rushing their development.
If you have any questions regarding any services I offer please feel free to drop me a line via email, text or giving me a call.

These details were last updated on May 30, 2015