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Eitan Muir - Guitarist, Technician, Arranger

General Details

Diploma in Music (Contemporary Performance)

I’m a jobless teenager that plays a lot of music. Currently (2015) I teach guitar and bass 3 days/week at Chatswood High, and lead two student bands. The rest of the time, I teach from my place, just down the road from the school.

I teach intermediate to advanced electric guitar, and beginner to intermediate bass and acoustic guitar. Don’t ask me about serious classical guitar – whole other world.

A lot of my work is for HSC students – accompanying and/or directing backing bands (typically of other students); producing transcriptions; penning arrangements. I have everything except a piano at my place, so rehearsals are easy.

I’m also quite capable of getting your guitar working nicely – decent set ups, new pickups etc, the occasional broken neck here and there… I don’t claim to be the best, but I can make most things better.

These details were last updated on July 30, 2015

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