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Ella Jackson

General Details

Hello there. If you or your child are looking for piano lessons with a strong improvisation and songwriting focus, you have come to the right gal. I am a classically trained composer with a love for all kinds of music.
I have given piano lessons in New York and LA and am back in my home town Melbourne currently and looking to pick up some students.
I love working with children and believe that a strong teacher-student bond is required to achieve the best results, and in order to do so take only a few students at a time, providing intensive courses tailored to their needs and wants. This can sit anywhere from disciplined classical training to a more friendly, do it at your own pace approach. I implore my students to see me as many times a week as they need, as well as keeping me up to date via phone or email on their practice and their desires of where they’d like their lessons to head.
As well as piano, I am also a professional vocalist and am more than happy to add in singing training as well as coaching them to play and sing at the same time, write their own songs etc.
Lessons start at $35 for a half hour and $65 for an hour, though if you would like the more intensive approach I also offer $100 for 2 hours which can be split into two hour lessons a week, four half hours, or however you want to do it.
I have a great set up with a piano, keyboard and recording system at my lovely home in Carlton North, but am also flexible to travel to your home if that suits you better.
Look forward to meeting with you in the future!

These details were last updated on October 12, 2014