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Find Your Voice

General Details

Find Your Voice is a collective of voice and performance experts who have worked and trained worldwide at the highest standard.
We believe that the voice is an instrument and our coaches can teach you how to play it the way you want, whether it be speaking or singing (Classical/Opera, Jazz, Pop, Musical Theatre) we will put you with a coach that will best fit your needs.

Our aim is helping clients find their voice, confidence or joy of self-expression. We teach a three dimensional approach, encompassing the mental, physical and emotional. All clients benefit from learning the fundamentals of music and proven singing training techniques. Through these techniques, people can overcome their fears of public speaking, daily social interactions or professional engagements such as networking, interviews, presenting and negotiating.

Find Your Voice only engages coaches and teachers that have lived the lessons that they teach. They possess empathy, patience and the personal experience to best guide each client through their personal journey toward finding their own voice.

These details were last updated on December 1, 2016

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