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Francesca Li Donni

General Details

Bachelor of Applied Music (Performance)

Completed Bachelor in Applied Music (Performance) at Boxhill Institute and studied with qualified and seasoned professionals, including internationally renowned and multi award winning opera singer, Shu-Cheen Yu.

My goal as a teacher is to give support to people who may be either starting out, studying, looking to improve their confidence or simply just want to do it for fun.

The reason why I have such a great passion for music is because it allows me to express myself in a physical and creative way. Music shifts your mood and can create stories and images in your mind, and enhance visual forms of art, such as film and stage shows.

Bring out your creativity with music!!!


As a singer you can:

- Build up the strength and flexibility of your voice – Improve the ability and control in your breath – Find the natural beauty in your voice – Practice confidence in finding your voice in front of others – Become more attuned with tuning, melody, rhythm and time keeping

As a pianist, you can:

- Learn to read music – Build the strength in your hands and fingers – Become more attuned with melody, rhythm and time keeping – Apply your skills in many areas of music

Lessons run all throughout the year. Please let me know if you wish to have school holiday breaks off.

I hope to see you soon!

These details were last updated on December 11, 2017