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Hayley Reed

General Details

Bachelor of Music - Contemporary Vocal Performance

Lessons with Hayley will be a thorough exploration of the voice working as an instrument. Get started by strengthening the different mechanisms of the voice to help gain range, resonance and control.


Most people and even talented singers know very little about the voice and the differents mechanisms it uses to produce sound. Common questions are how do I make that tone? can anybody sing? why do my higher registers sound different? how do I make my voice louder? etc. All these questions can be answered when we start to isolate different parts of the voice.

Lessons will be upbeat and motivation in your weekly practice will help you engage properly with the new techniques you learn in classes. All levels of ability are welcome whether you are a trained singer or just looking to take up a new challenge.

Call: 0435 577 801 to book in your first FREE TRIAL lesson or
Email: with other enquiries.

$40 per half hour
$80 per hour

These details were last updated on October 7, 2014