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Helsinky Morizon

General Details

Helsinky Morizon from Helsinki Finland. At the age of 2 she let her parents know that she wanted to play violin. However at the age of 7 she started piano lessons with Martti Franck. At a very early age she got to perform for the first time playing piano on stage with Martti and his son Mikko Frank ( ). At the age of 12 her dream came true and she started to play viola at Kaunianen Music Institute in Finland. Lately she has turned her hand to playing the guitar. Singing and songwriting has become her true passion. Her Songs are divine in their creation. Taking a listener on a journey within, touching the inner most depths of the soul. She studied classical singing but decided rather to work in the pop/rock/R&B field. She’s been trained by 2 different speech level singing teachers in Sydney.

These details were last updated on July 25, 2012