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Isaac Gunnoo

General Details

Currently completing a Bachelor of Fine Arts (contemporary music)

As a teacher, my focus is to create a solid technical and theoretical foundation in order to allow freedom from earlier on in the player’s musical journey. In terms of technique, efficiency, tone, and control are of vital importance to me. As somebody who has studied Alexander Technique, I will also endeavour to ensure that the technique of those I teach is efficient and sustainable, so that long term injury can be avoided.
From a theoretical perspective, I believe that a solid understanding of harmony and rhythm will allow students to more fully understand what I teach them, as well as what they themselves are playing in the context of any kind of ensemble of which they are a part.
I believe that the most fun can be had in music by those who have a harmonic and rhythmic understanding of what is going on in the music, and who are willing to play around with and challenge their habits in order to develop their sound.

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