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Jennifer Clarke

Mini Melodies

Groups of up to 6 participants

Styles: Group Contemporary vocal classes

Skill Level: 7 years classical training, Bachelor of Contemporary Music - WAAPA

Suitability: Ages 6 to 10 years

Pricing: $50 per hour class

Mini Melodies is a music class designed to teach children how to interact with others, increasing their use of motor skills and hand eye co-ordination and expanding their memory through the use of music and movement. In a weekly 1 hour class we will cover all these areas through musical games, movement, paired activities and of course through song. Singing old rhymes, new rhymes songs from play school, kids tv shows and your favourite disney movies we will expand our musical knowledge and learn how to use our voice.

South Guildford, WA

Private Residence
5 Edgewood View
Tel 0402 370 211
Email Me

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These details were last updated on May 23, 2016