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Jesse Turner

General Details

Berklee College of Music Specialist Certificate - Advanced Guitar Techniques

My name is Jesse, I’ve been playing for 11 years (4 acoustic and 7 electric). I listen to, play and teach a vast variety of genre’s on the guitar. My favourite genre’s to listen to include Progressive Rock/Metal, Jazz/Fusion and anything Instrumental. I’m currently playing with 3-4 different bands/artists, constantly composing and creating new interesting music in various genres.

My favourite guitar players are John Petrucci, Chris Brooks, Marco Sfogli, Steve Vai, Greg Howe, Guthrie Govan and Brett Garsed. Of course, those are just my favourite players in my preferred genre’s, however those who know me can see my diversity.

I believe versatility is the key to becoming a great well-rounded player and that’s what I teach the students who show me a will to learn but lack the knowledge to guide their specific journey to guitar autonomy. If you know exactly which material you would like to be learning then let’s chat about it and find a way to learn it more efficiently. If you’re just starting out or have just picked up a few chords off the net and aren’t sure where to go from here, do enquire :)

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