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Jessie Zheng

General Details

completed every single grade up to grade 8, in the process of completing AMUS

Hi my name is Jessie Zheng. I am 20 years old girl, who has been playing the piano for over 16 years.I am currently at an AMUS level, and after playing the piano for 16 years i have realised that i would now like to change directions from a student and become a teacher myself. I am able to teach any skill level and age. I am able to teach all grades, and can travel anywhere in Sydney to teach, HOWEVER, if i am forced to travel more then half an hour out of my way a $5 increase may occur to compensate for this, however this can be easily discussed with me by calling me on 0424 893 898. I am currently studying an Arts/Education Course at the University of New South Wales (UNSW) so i have been taught the skills to be able to teach. I strongly believe that any student has the ability to excel in whatever they want to achieve in life, in this case i strongly believe that if a child shows an interest or talent in playing the piano, i want to help them achieve their goals, to help their interest blossom and most importantly be able to enjoy and experiance the magic music can bring into their lives and the people around them, i aim for myself to try to the best of my ability and capability to meet each individuals childs different needs as well as striving to make each lesson as enjoyable as fun as possible as i strongly believe that in a positive atmosphere is when the most effective learning happens.

I have been teaching piano for almost 3 years now, in the past I’ve taught roughly at least 15 students now.

My prices are as of follows

$25 half an hour
$40 45 mins
$50 per hour

if you have any enquiries please do not hesitate to call me on 0424 893 898

These details were last updated on May 9, 2014