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General Details

jmusic welcomes new students to enrol now for piano, voice, guitar or music theory lessons in Cranebrook, NSW

All styles covered, from classical to rock
Exams programs are offered, though not compulsory
Limited lesson times available
New location soon (also in Cranebrook)
Group bookings and workshops available by request

Book 10 lessons for the price of 9 and secure your place today!

Contact John: 0424 016 387 or fill out the enquiry form on the home page of this site

About the Director:
John Milligan is a singer, pianist, songwriter and entertainer from Sydney who at 23 has had a wealth of experience in the music industry. John has a natural talent for gauging the audience, and it is obvious in how he works the stage – either as a performer, musical director or MC. Armed with soaring ballads, swingin’ jazz tunes and pop classics, he is a musician with something for everyone. After recently being awarded a Bachelor of Music from the University of New South Wales, there are a few projects in the pipeline, including: recording, collaborating with other musicians and starting a production company.

As an educator, John has taught a couple of hundred students, helping them find their voice or learn their instrument – developing both technique and musicianship. With ear training and a solid theoretical foundation, most students learn more about being a musician as well as a good player in a short amount of time. John’s goal is to offer encouraging, formative and inspiring lessons to all students of music in the hope that they will pass on their passion and talents through their playing to others.

These details were last updated on August 8, 2014