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Jon Randall

General Details

Grad Dip Edu

As a bass teacher and bass player for one of Melbourne’s most in-demand coverbands (and now teaching and playing out of Tacoma / Washington U.S.A)
I have been teaching and playing bass for over 15 years. I like to take a very practical approach to teaching bass that ensures learning is both enjoyable and achieves the student’s ultimate aims.

Getting new students up and playing fast so they can join a band is one of my strengths – although I can help anyone achieve whatever target they set – including just playing for fun.

Recently I have started creating DVD lessons that students can take home with them as a reminder of what we covered in the lessons. The DVD’s contain selected songs (suggested by different students) with the actual notes written out on the bottom of the screen. (NB. This collection of DVD’s is growing all the time and you can see an example on my website (at the bottom of this page)).

My current students range in age from 12 to 56 with experience levels varying from people who have just bought their first bass guitar through to individuals playing in bands.
To cater for different needs I like to be able to tailor the material and delivery method to each person focusing specifically on the various issues that are most important at his/her stage of development. Additionally I will include aspects of playing from my own experience that I know are key to becoming a well rounded player.

I also understand the pressures modern life applies to peoples time – meaning sometimes students cant practise as much as they might otherwise like to. As such I am quite flexible in terms of either a regular lesson schedule or just ad-hoc lessons.

The only thing students need to bring are :
1. a desire to be a bass player
2. some songs they might like to learn
3. (Bass is optional) – as some students have wanted assistance in selecting their first instruments – as they they can use one of my basses for their first lessons

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