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Katherine Sylwester

General Details

Minor degree in music

My name is Katherine and I have recently moved to Melbourne from California. I am seeking piano students because I have a passion for teaching and am willing to give lessons at a lower rate than most with the intent of teaching people who want a fun and casual way of approaching piano.

My paradigm about music is that it is meant to be something of a personal value. So many people play piano now, and unless you are prepared to practice 5 hours a day you will struggle to make it as a professional musician. Playing piano can entertain others, can help you feel accomplished, can be something that helps you relieve stress, and can be useful if you want to jam with friends. I am able to give you the skills to accomplish these goals and I can also help you have a comprehensive understanding of music. I know musical theory and musical history and would love to give you a thorough knowledge if that’s what you’re into.

I hope to hear from you!

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