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Kelly Brouhaha

General Details

Dip Music, 8 Years Teaching Experience

With 8 years teaching experience, a Diploma of Music and impressive career track record – if a career in music is in your sights i’m the person to help you make that happen.

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I teach alongside Revolution Vocal Studio in Magill (leaders in vocal physiology) and bring a wealth of knowledge including sessions in :

Artist Development
Guitar Lessons
Vocal Lessons (Craft)
Music Business
Music Theory

Having toured the country extensively, releasing my own records and enjoying many musical successes – i’ve also lectured music business at Music SA, sit on The Creative Industries Advisory Panel and have worked with countless independent artists on their craft and their business to help them get to where they are going.


Roots warrior Kelly Brouhaha is all about the “Feelgood” side of life. An award winning songwriter and multi-instrumentalist with achingly soulful vocals, her uplifting music is more than a simple band-aid to the blues.

A festival favourite and incredible songwriter, her singles to date have featured on Triple J Roots and All along with her single “Don’t Have To Write It Down” winning the 2015 Australian Songwriters Composer’s and Lyricists Association Festival of Original Music.

Since 2009 “The Brouhaha” and Margo (her faithful Tarago) have travelled Australia’s East Coast extensively playing roughly 150 shows per year as well as a string of supports including Clare Bowditch, Mia Dyson, Liz Stringer, Sarah Mcleod, Jen Cloher and Wes Carr.

“…[her music] has the ability to lift you up and put you in a happy place” – MUSIC SA

After leaving a mortgage, marriage and full-time job behind – The DIY Independant Artist, commonly referred to as “The Barefoot Musician” followed her dream into making music full-time and living a life doing what she loved. Along with the #barefootmovement her stage name “The Brouhaha” came about in her search for freedom and refers to a “state of mind” achieved from living your truth.

These days she juggles making music with helping the next generation of music makers.

“…Bright, bubbly and exploding with personality, Kelly Breuer is a charming and talented young lady, determined to bring a smile to the face of all who come into contact with her. And she’s succeeding everystep of the way!” – FRINGE BENEFITS

These details were last updated on May 5, 2016

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