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Kiel Hames

General Details

Diploma in being awesome

My obsession with audio started early, making a radio stations with my little brother on an old cassette player. It progressed through early childhood in becoming a musician, and after being in a few bands I found myself drawn to recording our performances. After high school I made it official and studied music production and audio engineering and ‘learnt the ways of the force’ so to speak. I recorded and few artists in my home town of Christchurch before moving to Australia in 2009. Since then I have started an independent record label (Smack Face Records), become an engineer at Brisbanes finest boutique recording studio (Tall Tree Recording Studios) and have started a small production business that of which you are currently reading about.

Who have I worked with?
Numbers Radio, Fuschia, The Pugs, Black Water Fever, Alibrandi, RVLR, Lita and the Bird, Shorelines, Knovell Kapote, AKA, Bec Laughton, to name a few…

Whats your weapon of choice?
Pro Tools. I am a trained Pro Tools user and believe my biggest strength is editing. Although mixing is by far the most fun.

Who is your biggest inspiration?
Jerry Finn. So many of my favourite albums have his stamp on them as a producer. The ultimate combo? Jerry Finn and Tom Lord-Alge.

Where do you see yourself in 10 years?
Hopefully Endor.

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