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Konrad Park

General Details

Konrad is a Double Stickist! Widely regarded as a “Big Picture” drummer with a broad musical concept, Konrad is also an emerging Chapman Stick artist and artistic director of Southern Stick Events. The second Stick Night in Australia and weekend seminar in Melbourne, featured Bob Culbertson (SF), David Jones, Adam Simmons and Andy Salvanos. An inspiring and passionate performer, teacher and communicator, Konrad has performed nationally for over 20 years. He is regularly invited interstate to teach ensemble & private lessons. Konrad has firmly established his musical direction in Melbourne over the last 12 months. Recent projects include the trio Stickrad, featuring none other than David Jones and Adam Simmons, workshops at Melbourne University for Rob Cossom (MSO) performance with local percussion legend, Tanya Bosak and Beijao, a Brazillian Jazz/Haitian funk outfit and gospel with MMGC. He has performed as part of Brian Ritchies (Violent Femmes) Shakuhatchi Club, a free world /jazz improv project including such talents as Adam Simmons and Jim Moginie (Midnight Oil). Further collaborations include Jazzistry, a 4 piece modern jazz combo with Tim Wilson (sax) and Gavin Pearce (bass) and Konrad’s long time friend and musical collaborator Simon Patterson (guitar). Konrad’s strong groove has been the backbone for such artists as multi Grammy Award winner Lucky Oceans’ Zydecats, Renee Geyer, Perth based funk/jazz outfit Thrust and the bombastic rock musicality of Jaye Hanson trio (Tas). Always willing to share ideas and experience; Konrad is determined to further his music and contribute to the musical and cultural landscape in his new home, Melbourne.

These details were last updated on May 5, 2011